Welcome to my website.

First of all, I'm not in the habit of telling anyone how to live their life and I'm not about to start. You and you alone decide on what kind of person you want to be.

But my question is... are you living as that person?

Are you living up to your potential? Are you living a peaceful, vibrant and confident life? ARE YOU LIVING FULLY? In Body, In Mind and In Spirit?

I ask because for me the answer was NO!

YES!! I've always liked to exercise, I like eating good food and I like to think I'm a very mindful person who wants to best for myself and others.

BUT... while all of that is true I also had other things going on in my life that I masked. I accepted that because I was doing well in certain areas that any short-comings were part of the parcel of life.

I tolerated the constant undertone of anxiety that plagued most days.

I justified being a little short with people because I was working hard and 'they' didn't understand.

I convinced myself that my high levels of alcohol consumption was a good thing and even celebrated it.

I convinced myself that my disconnect from certain emotions was a huge strength.

I accepted that my relationship with my sons and my wife were 'fine' but never amazing!

In truth, I fell short being being me... fully!

So I embarked on a courageous inward adventure. An adventure that will be forever ongoing. It's not always easy and I'm challenged constantly but the rewards also keep coming.

I started learning about the power of my breath and got into some regular practices. This helped me to focus on what was important each day and I found my anxiety levels drop dramatically.

I revamped my training regime to open up my posture, bring mindfulness into my body and to make my ENTIRE BEING strong, not just my muscles.

I surrendered to nature/my higher self/my authentic energy in ways that I was once ignorant and trusted my feelings, intuition and gut instincts.

I found my humility, uncovered my immature behaviours and committed to a life of growth and staying true to who I really am.

NOW... my relationship with my sons is better than it's ever been, my marriage has found a new lease of life and most importantly my relationship with myself is where I want it to be. I feel as though I know my purpose in this world and it gives me the strength to do what needs to be done.

One of the biggest things that I realised is that my purpose is NOT something I must achieve (and so creating more anxiety) but something I live each and every day.

It was only when I started putting all of the pieces of my life together that things started making more sense and there were two main priorities.

  • 1. Staying grounded in myself and the world around me.
  • 2. Adopting a warrior mentality to stand up for what I believe, to be the man I know I am and understanding that my purpose is more important than short-term gratification.

Everything from practicing how I breathe, the movement and posture of my body, my lifestyle choices and how I connect with others all helps me stay grounded, present, focused and peaceful.

This then gives me a much better foundation from which to stand for my purpose. A base camp, if you like, to launch my ascent into exploring new territory of discomfort (the only place your growth exists). This might sound sadistic but the discomfort is temporary and the results are worth it.

And so YOUFULLY has been created around helping you become more grounded and balanced in your life yet stronger, more confident and clearer in your vision to empower you to embody your own beliefs, your own values and be the person you know you really are.

We all have habits and behaviours that are not in alignment with our own idea of who we are and the ideas we have for our life.

I'm here to help you get to know the YOU behind those habits because when YOU are allowed to flourish so will YOUR world and so will OUR world.


If you are serious about changing your life and willing to get physically, mentally and emotionally uncomfortable download our app now and get started with some free coaching and training.


"It's when you're balanced and grounded that you are most powerful." - Stephen Clarke, Coach

  • "I am already seeing so many changes. It’s mind blowing to me that a simple question that I was afraid to ask has turned into an exploration of self that I had no clue I had to go through and I realise now I had to go through this and now I am so much stronger and so much better for it. Thank you."
    Juan Previous Client
  • I trusted Stephen because he seems to lead by example. I guess I always knew there was more to life than how much money I was making or how much I could squat. Stephen's coaching really has changed my life and that gratitude not only comes from me but from my partner too. I'm way more present, healthier and happier than I've ever been. Thanks Coach.
    Tammy Previous Client
  • "My increased Focus, Energy and Confidence have impacted pretty much all areas of my life. I've found more passion in my business, my relationship with my partner is better than ever and I just feel so much fresher and more clear about everything. Can't recommend Stephen enough"
    Stuart Previous Client
  • Absolutely love it.  It's a game changer.  I came into this knowing there was something missing but couldn't work out what. I had lost my purpose in life, become complacent and static. The group instantly became a place that felt safe and supported under your calm, funny and insightful lessons Stephen.  The courses are well structured without being rigid but best of all it was fun so that I looked forward to every post. I have gained so much insight into why I was dissatisfied with life.  I have uncovered that part of me I knew was there but couldn't access; that essence of who I am that has been undiscovered.  Found it!
    Anna Living Fully