Are You Out Of Alignment With The True You?

You're not alone. Coach Stephen has helped 1000+ people just like you since 2005, has been featured on TV and is now a published author. You're in safe hands.


Personal Empowerment Coaching

Living the life you know you are capable of means taking a closer look at the YOU behind your body, habits and what the rest of the world sees.

But I totally understand life can get stressful.

Before you know it another week has passed and your energy, mood and health goals are no further forward.

You probably already know a few things you should be doing but you just don't do them. (FYI - This doesn't make you lazy and will power will only get you so far.)

You've likely tried a few practices in the past, got some initial results but struggled to maintain the momentum.

And you can feel it in your bones that true health and happiness comes from so much more than just diet, exercise and trying to think positively.


  • You spend more time reacting to life rather than creating it and it's exhausting.
  • Your self confidence is low, sometimes nonexistent and it's effecting your work and relationships.
  • You struggle with your energy so even when you know what to do, you struggle to do it.
  • You're starting to lose track of who you really are.


A wise mind knows that your body, mind, heart and soul are intimately connected, that it's all one and the same thing...

...and that when you lives in alignment with this truth you becomes far greater than the sum of your parts.

I joined Stephen's Program because I was in a bad place mentally and emotionally. I was completely overwhelmed with everything going on and I had emotionally shut myself off years ago, not even sure when it happened. This was having a negative impact in every aspect of my life and I knew I needed to do something, I just didn't know where to start.

I've finally started looking after myself and listening to my heart again, happy and excited for life and confident in myself and my abilities.

Carrie , Now living more fully.



    Reconnect your mind, body and spirit to expand your consciousness, get clarity on your life’s direction and be clear on your purpose. This process starts by recreating your health and well-being habits to optimise your natural energy, focus and attention.


    Be where you are. Whether for relationships, your exercise, creative work, playing with your kids or in business meetings, ‘turning up’ and being present is the key to your happiness and long-term success.


    When you live life at your fullest you become a beacon of light for others to do the same. Your growth is a natural invitation for family, friends, colleagues and clients to step into their own light.




What does it mean to be truly you? 

The answer to that question is for you to explore but I have come to understand a certain truth.

That nobody needs to learn how to be themselves. 

This is your natural state already present within you. Instead, you are invited to UNLEARN the habits and behaviours that keep you stuck in the same patterns. The patterns that keep you playing small, hinder your growth and keep you from experiencing your true potential.

Through thought provoking philosophy and powerful lifestyle practices you can find a sense of peace even in the most challenging of circumstances. 

It's often when there is disconnect or conflict within you (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) that it can manifest into disconnect or conflict in your life. 

Personal Empowerment Coaching can help open your mind and heart to recreate your relationships your with yourself and with others. More so, you will re-imagine your purpose and remember who you really are. Combine this with the support, accountability and creative power of a like-minded community and you’ll see your happiness and success grow exponentially.

When an individual grows, the community grows. When the community grows, ALL of the individuals grow.

A rising tide lifts all ships. 


Everything you do affects everything else you do. Your life is not a series of isolated actions, events and experiences. It’s a complex, inter-connected mesh of existence and simply accepting this truth is your first step to weaving together a more beautiful, powerful and successful life.

This can be experienced in the most subtle of ways such as your posture and the ongoing energetic effect it will have on you each day. It can also be experienced in not-so-subtle ways such as your nutritional habits and sleep patterns and the impact they have on your energy, cognitive ability, emotional state and physical well-being.



For the YOUFULLY philosophies and training to impact your life you must EXPERIENCE and FEEL the truth within yourself.

Breath-work and meditation will help you experience different physical, mental and emotional states.

It's been said that your subconscious is responsible for 95% of your life.

Your breath is an extremely powerful yet underutilised tool for allowing your conscious mind to connect with these automatic habits and behaviours. You can guide your subconscious on a path of YOUR choosing. 

Couple this with specific meditations and you'll witness your weight and your life begin to shift one conscious day at a time.


Your body is an extension of your mind. To be strong, confident and focussed you must connect these feelings with your physical form. 

This is not your typical training regime. This is a movement practice to bring your mind into your body and your body into your mind. Once you have 're-minded' your body you'll naturally want to make better choices more in alignment with what your body needs and who you really are.  

Our training programs have been created around a series of functional movements combined with conscious breathing and mindfulness.

Forget body confidence and start your journey of embodied confidence.


You're invited to apply to join the YOUFULLY Academy and start your journey with us today.


  • "I am already seeing so many changes. It’s mind blowing to me that a simple question that I was afraid to ask has turned into an exploration of self that I had no clue I had to go through and I realise now I had to go through this and now I am so much stronger and so much better for it. Thank you."
    Juan Previous Client
  • I trusted Stephen because he seems to lead by example. I guess I always knew there was more to life than how much money I was making or how much I could squat. Stephen's coaching really has changed my life and that gratitude not only comes from me but from my partner too. I'm way more present, healthier and happier than I've ever been. Thanks Coach.
    Tammy Previous Client
  • "My increased Focus, Energy and Confidence have impacted pretty much all areas of my life. I've found more passion in my business, my relationship with my partner is better than ever and I just feel so much fresher and more clear about everything. Can't recommend Stephen enough"
    Stuart Previous Client
  • Absolutely love it.  It's a game changer.  I came into this knowing there was something missing but couldn't work out what. I had lost my purpose in life, become complacent and static. The group instantly became a place that felt safe and supported under your calm, funny and insightful lessons Stephen.  The courses are well structured without being rigid but best of all it was fun so that I looked forward to every post. I have gained so much insight into why I was dissatisfied with life.  I have uncovered that part of me I knew was there but couldn't access; that essence of who I am that has been undiscovered.  Found it!
    Anna Living Fully


I've committed to a year of Identity Shifting, Soul Pathfinding, Vision Questing, Heart Expanding, Mind Opening, Consciousness Altering, Potential Embracing Adventure.

Well.... I say a year. But will I ever stop? I doubt it!

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